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Welcome to History
I never realized how much you
Trusted me with.
I found three, "I love you"s,
And I was broken forthwith.
I still had so much more to lose,
You can't forget about me,
You know how to bruise.
Welcome to history.
Where everything is,
As you remember.
Look at all this.
From the top of the sky-scraper; you high climber,
Watch the city's last kiss.
Then you set it all to flames,
All hit, no miss,
With your matches, you start all the petty games.
I'm in complete misery,
As the debris from this city maims..
Welcome to history.
:icongenshiken82:genshiken82 2 9
Not Part of the Fun
If all's fair in love and war,
Shouldn't love just be a game?
There's something not-so-innocent,
About how you claim your fame.
This pain just won't relent..
Claim a sweet victory,
Over me.
Dancing on broken glass,
I pray to god you miss a step,
And fall flat on your ass.
I thought you'd be the one to teach me,
How to be the star of the stage.
I thought you were that one..
Don't forget every other girl,
Just because you think you found, "the one."
Your logic makes us hurl…
We meant nothing to you?
She means nothing to you.
I thought you'd be the one to teach me,
How to be the star of the stage.
I thought you'd be the only one for me,
Until I turned twenty-one…
But a broken heart's not part of the fun.
:icongenshiken82:genshiken82 2 1
There Was a Time
There was a time…
Before we were equipped with the devices to
which out hands are glued…
Before all your words were blunt and cruel…
Before you sunk my battleship…
Before I lost my faith in love…
There was a time,
When I…
Listened to…
There was a time, when you were…
:icongenshiken82:genshiken82 2 0
Dosu Poem
Alone he stands, awaiting his chance to show that he is not week, that he is powerful, but not this time, no, Alone he falls, into the bloody darkness, never to awake from his slumber.
There he lays, broken and bleeding, a lifeless corps, on the cold hard ground. All alone, for no one cares, he is a weakling, and he is dead now, the like he once had is now nothing, and abyss, in which he forever dies. Sentenced to eternal damnation, alone as before. He awaits another chance, but it shall not come, it can not come.
A sorry fool, a hopeless weakling, scared by hatred, and greed, deformed by lust for power, and lust for blood. Alone again, dead like before. He bleeds the darkness, engulfed in a fire storm of pain, and death. Never to awake, and still alone. Resting now, the pain is done, and now the lifeless body shall forever sleep. No longer alone, no longer in pain, a broken body turns to dust and blows with the wind, and before it does, a smile shows, and all is well.
:iconmrfoxxy:MrFoxxy 7 98
Got Greens
I'm doing this again,
Throwing away my dignity.
I still have some secrets,
under my clothes.
But it's only a matter of time before
the whole world knows.
I can't give up what I ain't got,
I'm only worth one last shot.
I sure don't know a whole lot,
Isn't that how I got here?
I can't believe I'm really this dumb,
it's not okay just because I'm young.
I'm gonna live the life of a crack-whore bum,
But at least I'll get some.
I still can't get over him,
I'm still lookin' mighty slim.
My futures lookin' surely grim,
'Cause I'm still stuck like glue,
to you.
I'll never learn my lesson,
I'm doing the same thing again.
I can't seem to find my mind,
So what else can I do but throw
my life away?
:icongenshiken82:genshiken82 2 0
Would he catch me
If I fell for him?
No. I don't think he would.
He'd treat my bruises
And softly tend to my heart,
But catch me?
He already has his hands full.
:iconnasanee:Nasanee 4 3
Making metaphors
And breaking peoples windows
Is all we're good for.
:iconnasanee:Nasanee 2 5
Sprawled out
Legs hanging over the edge of the chair
Toes tapping to the music
But not quite on time
Humming along
To the wrong tune
Glass in hand
And a smile which doesn't quite meet her eyes
:iconnasanee:Nasanee 2 3
The butterfly
All I do is sit here at the edge of the ocean. I watch all the happy people walk by my empty home. Nothing is more full of life than them. But everyday I see something even more peaceful and beautiful.
A butterfly. Its wings a wonderful dark shake of purple and blue mixed together. It flys past my window everyday.
I always put out some sugar water for it. when it flutters down from the calm ble sky above it rests and takes a small bit. The colors mesmorize me. They make me lose all intrest in the world. It's so beautiful, though I wonder if its the same butterfly every day.
"Hey. I have your treat for today."
It flutters above my head until I set the small tub of sugar water down.
"I see you everyday. But you never fly with anyone else. Whay is that?"
I know it's silly of me to exspect an answer but I do.
"Are you alone just like I am, in the house?"
It flys away from the tub and circles around me. Does it want to tell me something?
"Are you saying something to me?"
It lands on my shou
:iconcoolfangrl1:CoolFangrl1 4 8
I promise
I promise you I will see you again..
We fight for love
We fight for hope
Nothing comes on a silver plate
We are in love for sure
But we can't risk to destory us again
I'm keeping you my own little secret
We destroy the world
Just to see eachother once more
I would give the world
To show you off
:iconnevertoolateuandi:NeverTooLateUandI 5 7
Looking down into the valley.
You wrap an arm round me
And ask me what I'm thinking.
Without another thought
My barriers lock down
And I reply,
Staring down our hill
"I wonder which will roll down faster
An apple or an orange?"
:iconnasanee:Nasanee 2 0
I Remember
I remember,
When I was the one giggling,
I remember, when you kissed me the first time.
I remember that you laughed,
Because I'm a foot shorter than you.
And you refused to kiss me
Until I grew,
and then you kissed me.
I remember when you kissed me,
And it was long,
and Sweet.
The most beautiful kiss,
I've ever received.
I remember,
and Stars,
and Cops,
and Cars.
I remember,
and Walks,
and Dances,
and Talks.
I remember,
and Calls,
Car rides,
and Falls.
Don't you?
I remember when you said,
all the things you did.
I remember when you warned me,
"I'm gonna be obnoxious."
And then you absolutely loved that I
was Silent and Still,
and Giggling, and
I curbed your every thrill.
I remember your outbursts,
I remember you crying,
I remember telling you,
I was dying.
I remember you tried to stop me,
But knew you couldn't,
So you just held me,
And did it too.
I remember when I said I was afraid,
who would love you anyways,
this time, was my bad.
Because, you know
:icongenshiken82:genshiken82 3 5
WIP Sully-way Drive Animal-ium
If you're given to animals
Or things with eyes
Or those little hoppers
Who like to eat fries
Get your parents
And take a drive
to the animal-ium
On Sully-way drive.
It's a little shack
Perhaps a bit bigger
With animals small
Or at least interesting
I figure
Things small and wild
And with odd aromas
Covered in feathers
From snow white palomas
Who hop and skip
And croak and flip
Who can find their way
Into any skif
They wiggle around
In your back seat
And into your heart
For you to keep
They follow you 'round
From dusk till dawn
From four to ten
And sometimes on
You hop and skip
And they do the same
Forever content
To play your game
They grow with you
Until one day
You've outgrown them
But it turns out
they've stayed the same
So they quietly leave
and return to their pens
Hopping and skipping
With their Sully-way friends
On Sully-way drive
They await a friend
A new one who
Will play again
Who'll hop and skip
And  jump and flip
And love them so
With their canny wit
Until one day
:iconforbendon:Forbendon 2 4
Finding Father.
I carry thoughts
you carry dread
I heard the voice inside your head
in bursts of hate
you let it free
it lies to you
you lied to me.
snow-kissed smiles and men of ice
he kissed me once
it hit you twice
like silent fists
that beat your heart
and tore his little girl apart
We wore the world
but we were strong
we carried things
that we'd done wrong
you forced the weight
leant on my shoulder
I grew up
you just grew older.
I learnt a lesson
the other day
I am strong
when you're away.
I learnt that 'love'
Is rarely true
but rather what you make it to.
and I am what I've done to you.
:icontuesday-francesca:Tuesday-Francesca 23 40
Just another day....
It's a new day.
I'm doing the same things.
I'm alone in my room listening to music. Picturing events of my daily life that will never happen.
Telling her what I think about all this situation and how this and she changed my life!
Telling him what I feel everytime he looks at me and how it's even worst when he smiles.
Showing to my friends that I trust them and tell them the secrets that I've held inside, and keep holding.
Fighting, so that one day I am what I want to be!
I have to figure out what I want for my life.
Now that I'm thinking about it.
I just realized I don't have goals.
Actually, I know this for a long time. I just don't know what to do!
Here I am.
It's a new day and I'm doing what I used to do!
Feeling fear for not knowing what to do tomorrow and resentment for not changing the today!
:iconamiemosoe:AmIemoSoe 8 3
I'm sorry
My phone is ringing: "You there?"
-"Yes ^^"
"I don't know what to do anymore."
My heart starts aching...
You are feeling your silent pain again.
I bet you are by this time, on your own, sitting on your bed.
I don't know how to help you and you won't talk to me.
-"I wish I knew what to tell you"
You don't answer...
I try to text you again.
"If only that was true"
-"I'm sorry I'm not there with you"
You text me asking why I'm sorry. I'm not sure.
For not being there for you.
For not knowing what to do.
For feeling worthless.
For not cheering you up when you need it...
I don't know!
You say you are going to sleep.
You probably are but before you will cry.
I know you will cry yourself to sleep. You told me so yourself.
I'm sorry...
For everything and for nothing...
For everything that I can't do!
For nothing that I am doing!
I'm sorry!
:iconamiemosoe:AmIemoSoe 7 8


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